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On March 15, 2008 in Fulda, Germany, the Deutsch Langhaar Verband (DLV) sanctioned the Deutsch Langhaar - Gruppe Nordamerika as the 15th group by unanimous vote! DL-GNA became recognized as a full member club (#2415) of the JGHV as of December 12, 2008. DL-GNA is modeled after and guided by several successful member groups of the JGHV already long established both here in North America and abroad. DL-GNA represents the United States and Canada and is supported through association with the DLV and other members of the JGHV.


The focus of Deutsch Langhaar - Gruppe Nordamerika (DL-GNA) is to promote and protect the integrity of the DL while improving the breed, its performance and versatility and usefulness as a hunting companion in accordance with the principles originated by the DLV. Established in 1899, the JGHV testing system has been used for over 100 years to test and evaluate dogs under one system, ensuring the continuity and consistency in evaluating the abilities and characteristics of the Deutsch Langhaar. DL-GNA exists to protect the Deutsch Langhaar as the true accomplished versatile hunting companion it is today.

To put it simply, we are a group of hunters that love the consistency and performance of our German-bred dogs.


The group is affiliated with the Deutsch Langhaar Verband (DLV) and our mission is:

  • To embrace all persons and friends of the Deutsch Langhaar breed, especially the breeders and handlers of the breed. To improve the breed, its performance and versatile usefulness as a versatile continental pointing dog in accordance with the FCI Standard # 117 “Deutsch-Langhaar” and the principles originated by the DLV; to cultivate hunting activities that conform to existing wildlife conditions by using reliable hunting dogs;


  • To provide cooperative, trainable DL for the foot hunter that will be utilized with emphasis in the preservation of wounded game; to preserve the existence of the Deutsch Langhaar and continue its pure-breeding in accordance with the principles of utilizing dogs with proven performance in regular hunting practice, in particular after the shot;


  • To train Deutsch-Langhaar dogs for hunting activities; to sponsor training seminars and tests following the regulations of the DLV and the Jagdgebrauchshundverband (JGHV), which are designed to evaluate all hunting qualities of the DL and other versatile hunting dogs with an FCI-recognized and VDH-registered pedigree. To sponsor breed shows to evaluate type, conformation and coat of the DL against the DLV standards;


  • To familiarize hunters and the public with the history, use and characteristics of the DL, and promote the breed’s growth; to support the efforts of other versatile hunting dog breeding and testing organizations that are members of the JGHV;


  • To promote the importance of wildlife preservation through education of club members and the public. To promote hunting; especially youth hunting and related activities.
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