DL-GNA Merchandise

To order DL-GNA Merchandise, please follow the steps below:

  1. Download the DL-GNA Merchandise Order Form.
  2. Complete the form
  3. Send completed form with a check payable to "DL-GNA" in the appropriate amount to the DL-GNA Merchandise Coordinator.

If you have any questions about Merchandise, please contact DL-GNA Merchandise Coordinator, Paul Buenzow at 319-361-1558 or frmn151@hotmail.com.

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Cap with Embroidered DL-GNA Logo      $15.00
DL-GNA Small (4.5") Decal with white background       $5.00
DL-GNA Small (4.5") Decal with clear background $5.00
DL-GNA Large (8") Decal with clear background $8.00
Deutsch Langhaar Verband Belt Buckle      $30.00
DL-GNA Sling Bag $12.00

Cap with Embroided DL-GNA Logo

DL-GNA Logo Decal with a white background (available in Small or Large sizes)

DL-GNA Logo Decal with a clear background (only available in the large size)

Sling Bag (Dimensions are 17"high x 13"wide x 6" deep)

Deutsch Langhaar Verband Belt Buckle

Logo Merchandise from Cabela's

We have placed the DL-GNA logo on file with Cabela's.  This means that you can select your favorite merchandise from their catalog/website and request that they embroider or engrave the DL-GNA logo onto your item for a small fee.  If you would like to place an order or get a quote you can call 800-243-6626 or email outfit@cabelas.com.


Embroidery Logo # 30041210 
Logo name: Deutsch Langhaar New 

Cost: $6.50


Engraving Logo # 30041211 
Logo name: Deutsch Langhaar New

Cost $5.00

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