Thank you for your interest in DL-GNA! Deutsch Langhaar Gruppe Nordamerika is an active and dynamic group interested in attracting new members. Our diverse membership includes hunters who are committed to establishing the Deutsch Langhaar as one the premier versatile hunting dog breeds in North America.

Why Join DL-GNA?

You will have the opportunity to meet many enthusiastic hunters who are dedicated to preserving the integrity of the Deutsch Langhaar in North America. Through events such as our annual DL-Fest, you will meet may new friends and develop years of fond memories through hunting, training and testing opportunities. DL-Fest is a members-only event where the group meets for several days to hunt on both private and public land. DL-Fest is an enriching experience where group cohesiveness is strengthened, and lifelong friendships are built. Most importantly, you will become more knowledgeable about the German testing system and breeding philosophy. The DL-GNA promotes the DL breed and the German performance-based selective breeding system of the JGHV.


Gruppe Nordamerika is comprised of ethical hunters focused on the conservation of game. Join us and participate in a dynamic group enjoying fun and rewarding experiences. If you need more information about Gruppe Nordamerika, please do not hesitate to contact the DL-GNA Board. A special thanks to all who support Deutsch Langhaar Gruppe Nordamerika!


As a New Member you will receive:

  • Bi-Monthly Newsletters
  • Decal with the DL-GNA Logo
  • Hat with the DL-GNA Logo
  • An open invitation to all DL-GNA events including DL-Fest
  • Access Privileges to the Members-Only area of the DL-GNA Website
  • The Deutsch Langhaar Mitteilungen - optional (quarterly newsletter of the Deutsch Langhaar Verband).


Membership Dues are $75.00, due by January 1st of the calendar year. Dues are not prorated. New members joining from October 1st to December 31st are paid through December 31st of the following year.

How to Join DL-GNA

You can join DL-GNA online or through the mail.  To join online, please complete the DL-GNA Membership Application.  You will then need to pay for the membership by going to the DL-GNA Online Store


Otherwise, you can print off the DL-GNA Membership Application Form and mail, along with a check payable to "DL-GNA" to:

Jeff Tichota

DL-GNA Treasurer

3018 E Nichols Circle

Centennial, CO 80122

2021 DL-GNA Membership Application
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