FCI-Recognized DL Kennels

Deutsch Langhaar Gruppe Nordamerika kennels/breeders are registered with the Deutsch Langhaar Verband in Germany and the FCI. Each litter is assigned a successive alpha letter denoting the number of litters whelped from a particular kennel. For example, the first DL litter of a kennel is registered as the "A Litter", the second litter is the "B Litter", the third litter is the "C Litter", the fourth litter is the "D Litter" and so on. The Deutsch Langhaar Gruppe Nordamerika does not endorse any specific breeder/kennel, nor offer any guarantees. Kennels are listed in alphabetical order.

The Deutsch Langhaar has been selectively bred for versatile hunting since 1879. Over 100 years of testing and evaluating dogs under one system, the JGHV, ensures the continuity and consistency in evaluating the abilities and characteristics of the DL used to develop the breeding stock from which all Deutsch Langhaar are whelped.

Deutsch Langhaar breeding kennels must be registered with the Deutsch Langhaar Verband in Germany and all Deutsch Langhaar Breeding Regulations must be followed. Kennels are registered with the DLV and FCI when the first litter is whelped. The FCI offers international protection of kennel names via the national canine organization (member club) For DLs; kennel registration is via the Deutsch Langhaar Verband under the umbrella of the VDH, or German Kennel Club. The FCI is not a registry and does not issue any pedigrees. Only the member clubs of the FCI issue pedigrees. The Deutsch Langhaar Verband issues pedigrees under the umbrella of the VDH.

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