vom Coraschatten


A Litter:  Cora v Illertal x Nando v Auwelt  5,1 whelped 11-23-2010

B Litter:  Cora v Illertal x Ando v Hollbäck  6,3 whelped 10-11-2011

C Litter:  Oilleli vd Schmiede x Colt v Hollbäck  3,5 whelped 1-12-2012

D Litter:  Oilleli vd Schmiede x Theodor vd Hafkesdell  1,3 whelped 5-18-2013

E Litter:  Aubrey v Coraschatten x Theodor vd Hafkesdell  3,3 whelped 6-26-2013

F Litter:  Bianca v Coraschatten x Breager v Whispering Winds  3,6 whelped 2-13-2014
G Litter:  Caja v Coraschatten x Bear v Coraschatten  3,3 whelped 5-4-2014

H Litter:  Oilleli vd Schmiede x Breager v Whispering Winds  8,0 whelped 3-12-2015

I Litter:   Elka v Coraschatten x Chumlee v Whispering Winds  2,6 whelped 12-28-2015

J Litter:   Caja v Coraschatten x Breager v Whispering Winds  5,4 whelped 3-7-2016

K Litter:  Franka v Coraschatten x Frontrunner's Ajax  4,4 whelped 3-31-2017

L Litter:  Elka v Coraschatten x Hanno v Coraschatten  1,3 whelped 6-29-2017

M Litter:  Ivanka v Coraschatten x Levis v Veybach 4,4 whelped 6-10-2019

N Litter:  Anna v Haler Moor x Bolt v Coraschatten  3,4 whelped 8-10-2020

Cortney grew up pheasant hunting in Nebraska and Scott grew up big game hunting in Wyoming.  We both got really into waterfowl hunting in college and quickly decided that we needed a dog that could do it all with us.


We lived in Wisconsin for 10 years and spent a majority of our time in the fall hunting ruffed grouse, woodcock, ducks, geese, doves, and snowshoe hares.  We also used our dogs to blood-track wounded deer.  We made 1-2 trips to South Dakota each year to hunt pheasants and sharptails.  We moved home to Nebraska in July 2015 and now primarily hunt pheasants, quail, prairie chickens, sharptailed grouse, rabbits, waterfowl and deer.


Cortney is a Verbandsrichter (JGHV Judge) and serves as the Breed Warden, Director of Testing, and Director of Judge Development for DL-GNA.

Contact Information

Scott and Cortney Schaefer

Wood River, NE




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