vom Whispering Winds


A Litter:  Alpenjaeger's Axa x Socrates vd Hafkesdell  1,0 whelped 4-18-2011

B Litter:  Alpenjaeger's Axa x Garry v Frochtmannshof  4,4 whelped 1-16-2012
C Litter:  Ella v Kiekenbruch x Breager v Whispering Winds  4,2 whelped 3-15-2014

D Litter:  Frontrunner's Dakota x Chumlee v Whispering Winds  3,7 whelped 3-11-2019

E Litter:  Frontrunner's Dakota x Jack v Illertal  6,4 whelped 7-3-2020

I was born and raised in northern Minnesota.  I am an avid hunter for big game and small game.  My passion is for the hunting sporting dogs.  I hunt ducks, ruffed grouse, woodcock, and pheasants.  My favorite pasttime is to head up to northern Minnesota in October to hunt the big woods for grouse.  I also head out to the Dakota's twice a year for pheasant hunting.  I also use my dogs for tracking wounded game like deer and bear.  Deutsch Langhaars are a great versatile breed! 

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Mary Wilson

Lakeland, MN




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