Shown below are recently whelped litters, upcoming litters, planned breedings, and/or started/finished DLs currently for sale.  All DLs listed are out of certified DLs belonging to Deutsch Langhaar Gruppe Nordamerika members and registered with the Deutsch Langhaar Verband. All DL puppies whelped within DL-GNA receive an Ahnentafel (4+ generation German pedigree), a tattoo in their right ear (and or a microchip), and are eligible for testing within the JGHV. The Deutsch Langhaar Gruppe Nordamerika does not endorse any specific breeder/kennel, nor offer any guarantees.

Deutsch Langhaars For Sale

All domestic Deutsch Langhaar litters are currently sold out.  If you are interested in getting a Deutsch Langhaar puppy in 2018, please check this page again in mid-November.  We are planning 5-10 litters for 2018 that will be announced after the DL-GNA Breed Show is completed on November 5th, 2017.

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