"B" vom Hunter's Shadow

Litter Whelped May 28th, 2019

Kennel located near Winchester, Wisconsin

8 Males and 2 Females (all hellschimmel in color)

2 Hellschimmel Males Available

Katie v Coraschatten

Sire:  Frontrunner's Ajax 163/12

Dam:  Franka v Coraschatten 190/14

Whelped:  March 31st, 2017

Color:  hellschimmel (hs)

Eye Color:  Middle

Eye Exam:  

Hip Rating:  A

Height:  61cm

VJP:  71 Pass

HZP:  179 Pass

Breed Show Rating:  v/v/v

Eike v Coraschatten

Sire:  Theodor vd Hafkesdell 453/07A

Dam:  Aubrey v Coraschatten 510/10A

Whelped:  June 26th, 2013

Color:  hellschimmel (hs)

Eye Color:  Middle
Hip Rating:  A
Height:  66cm

VJP:  65 Pass

HZP:  175 Pass

VGP:  302 Points, Prize I TF

Breed Show Rating:  v/sg/v

Ruby is a very sweet girl that gets along with every dog and human she meets. She has been in my house hold several times and there has been no issues at all with my 6 kids and my several dogs. She has proven herself very trainable. My big impression with her is even when she gets bored with a job, she still does it to please. I was able to overcome a lot of obstacles with her without too much trouble. This will be her first litter.


Hunter is always a very sweet male that is just an awesome buddy. He does his best to behave day after day and is very eager to please. Hunter is a mellow guy at home but when it’s time to step up, he hunts all day. He is a super family dog and gets along with everyone as best as he can. He is an outstanding hunter who works as a team. This will be his third litter.


The price is $1,400 dollars for a male pup with a $200 dollar rebate for the pups after they run their VJP in spring of 2020 and have their hip X-rays done and sent in for evaluation sometime between the age of 12-18 months. I expect this to be a good beginner litter as both parents are submissive and easy to handle.

Pedigree for "B" Litter vom Hunter's Shadow
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For more information, please contact Troy Hohlweck at 414-793-4981 (text only) or tch7269@gmail.com or visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/849561578550566/.

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