"C" Litter vom Hunter's Shadow

Litter Whelped June 24th, 2019

Kennel located near Winchester, Wisconsin

5 Males (2 Brown & 3 Hellschimmel) and 3 Females (2 Brown & 1 Hellschimmel)

5 Males (2 Brown & 3 Hellschimmel) and 1 Brown (bwB) Female Available

Bersa v Heiligenholz

Sire:  Gero v Veybach 338/12

Dam:  Afra Bavaria 20/11

Whelped:  January 29th, 2016

Color:  hellschimmel (hs)

Eye Color:  Middle
Hip Rating:  A
Height:  60cm

VJP:  74 Pass (Suchensieger)

HZP:  174 Pass

Breed Show Rating:  v/sg/v

Jack v Illertal

Sire:  Nando vom Auwelt 109/08

Dam:  Rüdemann's Anka 219/15

Whelped:  October 8th, 2016

Color:  braun/weißer Brustfleck (bwß)

Eye Color:  Middle

Eye Exam:  
Hip Rating:  A
Height:  66cm

VJP:  68 Pass

HZP:  188 Pass (Suchensieger)

Breed Show Rating:  v/v/v

We still have a handful of pups still available and ready for homes after tomorrow (anytime after 8/19). They have been developing very nicely this week. These guys were bred to hunt all day. These guys really look for work. It’s so cool to see them with happy smiles after a fast walk. They will be super dogs to do those big jobs. While the price ranges from pup to pup, three of the males are 1100, and caliber is 1300 because I believe he will be a good breeding dog. These prices are all time low and in a few weeks with training their prices will go up. (These pictures were from when they were 7 weeks old).


Pinki the last available female (brown) is 1800 with a 400 dollar rebate if she is ran in the VJP (spring puppy test in 2020) and have her hip X-rages between 12-18 months). She is the smallest and just a tail wagger. She has no problems matching up with the big guys. A very happy pup.


Clip is a very good male, he seems to be fearless, high drive, his size seems to be average and he’s got a really enjoyable smile/pant when he works. I often catch him running around holding things in his mouth. I had seen him creep and stalk a bit by scent, I think he will be pointing very early.


Cooper is the odd ball of the litter. He is also fearless, he is probably the most independent pup, strong headed, high drive, he has no problems going in the woods to search and I often question if I lost him and then he would pop back out. He tries his hardest to keep up with the big dogs in the woods. He is the litter best swimmer. At times I got really nervous if he was going to turn around and swim back. He doesn’t seem to tell the difference between land and water. He is also the biggest built pup. He may be average in height but he will have a large head and legs/bone. He also has a thick coat to protect himself from thorns and the cold. He will look studding! He’s also a big tail wagger.


Chief is a very average beautiful/handsome male. He’s somewhat independent but also checks in. I think he’ll be a super hunter and someone will be very proud to have him. His nose is definitely good. He really takes his time to focus on a bird scent which also makes me think he will be a super grouse dog.


Caliber is probably the most mellow pup of the litter. He was born by far the smallest pup of the litter and by now he is probably the biggest. My guess he will be a very large male. I often catch him observing me and his litter-mates. He definitely likes birds and uses his nose.


Please feel free to contact me to ask about the pups.

Pedigree for "C" Litter vom Hunter's Shadow
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For more information, please contact Troy Hohlweck at 414-793-4981 or tch7269@gmail.com or visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/849561578550566/.

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