Delphi von Obenstaat

Litter Whelped June 13th, 2019

Kennel located near Windham, New York

2 Males (Both Brown) and 5 Females (All Brown)

1 Brown Male and 2 Brown Females Available

The puppies from this litter are NOT eligible for breeding at this time.  Apollo (the sire) is not yet certified for breeding.  Puppies in this litter will be registered with the Deutsch Langhaar Verband but their ahnentafels (pedigrees) will have a Breeding Restriction stamped on them.  These puppies can run in JGHV tests in 2020 with these ahnentafels and they may possibly be eligible for breeding in the future if Apollo earns his breeding certification and the breeder requests replacement ahnentafels.  If you have any questions about this unique litter, please contact DL-GNA Breed Warden, Cortney Schaefer at or 308-385-8618.

Gela v Horum

Sire:  Max vd Horstbüschen 394/16A

Dam:  Fichte v Horum 273/14A

Whelped:  February 19th, 2016

Color:  Braun/weißer Brustfleck (bwß)

Eye Color:  Middle
Hip Rating:  A
Height:  61cm

VJP:  70 Pass

HZP:  179 Pass

VGP:  319 points, Prize I UF

Breed Show Rating:  sg/sg/sg

Apollo v Obenstaat

Sire:  Levis v Veybach 317/16A

Dam:  Jade v Coraschatten 83/16A

Whelped:  April 14th, 2018

Color:  Braun (b)

Eye Color:  TBD...

Hip Rating:  TBD...

Height:  65cm

VJP:  65 Pass

HZP:  TBD...

Breed Show Rating:  TBD...

Pedigree for "D" Litter von Obenstaat
Gela x Apollo.jpg
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For more information, please contact Don Muccilli at 518-795-4009 or  You can also find more information at or

Officer Elections!

Nominations for DL-GNA President, Secretary, and Breed Warden are due to Paul Buenzow ( by September 15th!  Elections will be held at the DL-GNA Business Meeting on November 3rd, 2019.

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