"N" Litter vom Coraschatten

Breeding planned for Late 2019

Kennel located near Wood River, Nebraska

Galina v Niederfeld

Sire:  Conny v Steinbachtal 365/14

Dam:  Biona v Kirchenweiher 214/14

Whelped: April 6th, 2017

Color:  Braun/weißer Brustfleck (bwß)

Eye Color:  Dark

Eye Exam:  Clear
Hip Rating:  A
Height:  61cm

VJP:  50 Pass

HZP:  152 Pass

Breed Show Rating:  sg/sg/sg

Bolt v Coraschatten

Sire:  Ando vom Hollbaeck 292/08A

Dam:  Cora vom Illertal 479/05A

Whelped: October 11th, 2011

Color:  Dunkelschimmel (ds)

Eye Color:  Middle

Hip Rating:  B

Height:  65cm

VJP:  64 Pass

HZP:  176 Pass

Breed Show Rating:  v/sg/v

Pedigree for "N" Litter vom Coraschatten
Galina x Zeke Pedigree.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [96.3 KB]

Possible color combinations for this breeding include Braun/weißer Brustfleck, Dunkelschimmel, Braunschimmel, and Hellschimmel.  For more information, please contact Scott and Cortney Schaefer at 308-370-1346 or langhaars@gmail.com or visit www.Coraschatten.com.  

Officer Elections!

Nominations for DL-GNA President, Secretary, and Breed Warden are due to Paul Buenzow (frmn151@hotmail.com) by September 15th!  Elections will be held at the DL-GNA Business Meeting on November 3rd, 2019.

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